The Ciulla Group, LLC is a full service firm with ample
resources for all of your business needs.  Below are some of
the service lines that you may be interested in examining further:
Corporation tax
Individual income tax
Business Valuation
Financial consultation
Payroll tax
Sales tax
Our Mission
To become our clients'
most valuable resource,
one capable of providing a
wealth of business
knowledge, expertise, and
Accounting and Auditing Services
We provide a wide range of auditing and accounting services.  
Our services include:

Business Tax Consulting
Our tax experts can help your company develop strategies to
reduce your tax burden under the current tax laws.  We also
have creative ways to defer income taxes in order to improve
your current tax position.  Some of the services we provide

Business Consulting Services
We have experienced business people who provide advice and
solutions based on real world experience, not just textbook
definitions.  Because your business is complex, many times
simple solutions won't work.  We can show you ways to
improve profitability, increase cash flow, and operate your
business at optimum levels.  These groups of experts provide
many value-added services including:

Individual income tax

Business Valuation

Financial consultation

Accounting, Bookkeeping

Payroll tax, Sales tax
Our Services