The Ciulla Group, LLC was formed by six partners from
Ciulla, Smith & Dale LLP.  Ciulla, Smith & Dale LLP was
formed January 1, 1996 when the firms of Moore, Smith
and Dale of Southfield, Michigan and Ciulla Stephens &
Co. of Cleveland, Ohio, merged.  Ciulla Stephens & Co.
traces its origins back to 1963.  

Clients include both individuals and businesses.  We have
clients who are manufacturers, as well as, service,
wholesale, retail, construction, and other industries.  We
provide our clients with a wide range of audit, review,
compilation, accounting, tax and management consulting
services, consistent with ethical and professional
standards and regulatory requirements.
Our Mission
To become our clients'
most valuable resource,
one capable of providing a
wealth of business
knowledge, expertise, and
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